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Our Horses

This page is in memory of Peppy.

The horses are a very big part of our life and we would like to say Thank You to our very good friends Rick, Cheryl and Ashley Stigall for being such a big help in making it possible for us to have our horses.

This a picture of my wife's horse. His name as you already know is Bucky and he is a Buckskin. He is a good horse even though sometimes he can be an extreme knothead. He was the first horse that we bought.

This is Peppy. He was my horse but I am very sad to say that he passed away this winter. He was a Paint horse and I loved the fact that he was almost solid white. He was a very calm and wonderful horse that is and always will be extremely missed. Peppy was like a best friend and I could of trusted him with my life.

When Peppy passed away I truly thought that I would not get another horse. However, with the love I have for horses and the support from my wife and our friends I decided to get Apache. He will be 2 years old in April of 2003 and had never been rode when I found him. However, I have been on him a few times and I think he will be a great addition to our family. He is a very level headed Apalloosa and will make a great partner on the trail.