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Our household pets

This is a page for our indoor animals

At this time we have two dogs and two cats that live in our home with us.

Rowdy is a Miniature American Eskimo(Spitz). Even though he is not very miniature. Rowdy loves to play, dance and chase our cats through the house. He would never hurt them but he thinks that if they run he should chase them.

Rascal is a Chocolate Dapple Miniature Dachshund. He is just the right size for the girls to enjoy and he can't knock them down. He loves to get attention. He likes to chase Rowdy. He does this because he thinks kind of like Rowdy and that is if he runs then Rascal thinks he should chase him.

She is a Flame Point Himilayan. She is a big fur ball who wants all the attention possible.

Shadow is a Seal Point Himilayan. He loves attention when he wants it and if he doesn't want attention you won't see him. Normally when it's bedtime he is all over the bed wanting to play.